Nutridry SA

About Us


Nutridry is manufacturer of natural plant based products

We believe that in order to maintain a healthy body we need to eat food that is high in nutrition.  It is also for this reason that we continuously source plant based products rich in important nutrients that can improve our health positively and provide a healthy lifestyle.  We also believe that this can reduce the risk of chronic illnesses.

Farm to Spoon

Our unique Chaya has been cultivated and grown in South Africa.  Nutridry owns the Plant Breeder’s license of this unique plant registered as Cnidoscolus Pohl.

Our organic farming practises involves the use of ecologically based pest control and biological fertilizers derived largely from plant wastes.  This type of farming results in healthier food freed from pesticides and chemicals.

We continiously work to improve the integrity of the nutrients found in Chaya.  Our manufacturing facilities are GFSI certified and we apply HACCP principles to ensure a good quality product.  We also perform laboratory tests on all our batches.