The lives of far too many people in the world are being blighted and cut short by chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes.

According to a report from WHO in 2020 : At a global level, 7 of the 10 leading causes of deaths in 2019 were noncommunicable diseases. These seven causes accounted for 44% of all deaths or 80% of the top 10. However, all noncommunicable diseases together accounted for 74% of deaths globally in 2019.

Chronic diseases are estimated to

kill almost 41 million people a year

worldwide, making up seven out of ten deaths globally. Of these deaths, approximately 17 million are classed as premature, with people dying significantly younger than expected on averag



Many people think that chronic diseases mainly affect rich people. The truth is that in all but the least developed countries of the world, poor people are much more likely than the wealthy to develop chronic diseases, and everywhere are more likely to die as a result. Moreover, chronic diseases cause substantial financial burden, and can push individuals and households into poverty.


Chronic diseases are often viewed as primarily affecting old people. We now know that almost half of chronic disease deaths occur prematurely, in people under 70 years of age. One quarter of all chronic disease deaths occur in people under 60 years of age.


Your health is an Investment - Not an Expense

Nowadays, it is common for people to prioritize over every other aspect of their lives and neglect their own health. .

Time and again, we have heard stories of people who accumulated wealth and could not enjoy such because they paid little or no attention to their health. These stories open our eyes all the more and make us know that your health is an investment not an expense. The popular saying that “health is wealth” captures the uselessness of investing in different areas without securing the good health with which those things should be enjoyed. The first thing every human being should strive to secure is good health because this will be the foundation of one’s ability to benefit from all other investments. 


1. Money Cannot Buy Life:

No matter how much we make with our investments, we cannot pay for extra years or more life. It all depends on how we take care of our health with what we have at our disposal. It is a painful thing that most people neglect their health when they are busy with projects and their businesses. They only remember their health when they are through with making money and by then they will spend so much money and still achieve fewer results. It is best to create time and take care of one’s health by treating it as the number one asset from the onset.

2. Good Health Equals Efficiency

So many people do not consider their health as a necessary part of their investment project. As such they allow themselves to break down on the way. It is obvious that one can achieve little or nothing without good health.

Good health will make the process of hustling for money efficient and worth it. Without good health, the investor will work for so long and only produce little because he cannot give what he does not have.

With good health comes the energy, strength, creativity and willpower to fuel up projects.


3. Prevention is Better than Cure

When one invests, the idea is that the investment will yield better returns within a stipulated period. This is exactly what our health does. What is required is just some level of maintenance strategy that will keep us working at our best. With this, we shall prevent so many big illnesses that should have befallen us. In fact, we save ourselves a lot of money by taking up preventive measures that ensure we are not exposed to the danger of deadly illnesses and diseases.

4. Building up Immunity

The idea of paying attention to one’s health is a way of building up one’s immunity. Knowing that your health is an investment not an expense will enable you to develop the good habit of paying attention to your health. By such actions, you are building up your immune system and this is an investment because there are cases of flu’s, pandemics and so on. At such periods, only people with stronger immunity are able to scale through.

5. Good Health Announces Success

When one is in good health condition despite the struggles of life, it gives a sense of achievement. It is true that most times the health of an individual is not determined by his acts but by what he passes through in life. However, there is still so much that we can do on our own part to improve the situation of our future health. If we take care of our health, then, in the future, our health will unwittingly announce our success to the entire world.

The greatest investment you will ever make:

Is in your health!